In general, the objectives of the Graduate Program in Zootechnics, in the context of its institutional insertion, academic profile and access to the use of its physical and functional infrastructure for the graduate studies and research, are:
a) Develop basic and applied scientific research, identified with the challenges and trends of science and technology, whenever possible, with adherence to regional problems;
b) To form high-level human resources, with the Masters, Doctorate and PhD degrees, in the area of coverage of its activities such as superior teaching, research activities and focus on the labor market of companies and autonomous professionals. To train professionals working in the development of research, always seeking to provide opportunities and encouraging students to seek experiences and knowledge in international institutions;
c) To provide scientific, cultural and intellectual environment for the development of scientific initiation activities of young students (undergraduate and high school);
d) Contribute to the teaching of Zootechnics, integrating the undergraduate research environment, leading the newly acquired knowledge to the classroom and inserting the students in field and laboratory research, disseminated critically and submitting to the skills of students;
e) Participate in the national effort to prospect new opportunities for scientific and technological research, within the context of the area, aiming to participate in the development of products and processes;
f) To contribute to the increase in the collection of skills in the public domain, through the transfer and dissemination of scientific skills to the productive sector and society in general, through scientific publications of high national and international standards, reviews, articles of dissemination, didactic articles, as well as conferences, seminars, courses and presentations in the media and in scientific events;
g)  Internationalize the production of knowledge through the exchange of students to develop part of the research abroad, so that they can seek new technologies and knowledge and, at the same time, exchange knowledge with professionals in different situations and realities, aiming at the diversification and enhancement of individual knowledge and Zootechnics science;
h) To achieve excellence in gratuate studies teaching and research in the area of Zootechnics through national and international recognition with the generation and dissemination of scientific
knowledge and competence in the training of trained professionals and trainers of opinion, type homologated and in attendance to social demand.